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"It's Heroes Time!"

-Biomnitrix Unleashed Catchphrase.

Biomnitrix Unleashed is a project made by Rizegreymon22 from Deviantart.

This project consists in creating a fusion of two Omnitrix aliens created by the Biomnitrix, having a total of 1891 fusions. Many of these fusions are improved versions of some fusions from DNA Lab, other fusions officially appeared in the original series and Omniverse series and other fusions were created by others Deviantart users which Rizegreymon22 asked permission.

Help expand the Biomnitrix

To the users of this wiki who have an account in Deviantart and also points, if they want to see more fusions, they can go to the user page of rizegreymon22 to ask for new fusions, their commissions can help this artist to earn money that really needs it in these difficult times in his country, so if you have to buy points to give them in exchange for a fusion, I suggest reading the rules first:

  1. When you want to ask me for a fusion or more, go to my profile on the section of Commissions , there they will see the list of fusion list you want to buy, buy the amount they choose plus the aliens that want to be fused. REMEMBER, i don't make fusions free, so don't go to ask me free fusions on my pics.
  2. Before asking me for a fusion/s, make sure that this request is not made yet, just in case they ask for something I already did and do not want to waste their points in vain. I recommend searching for hashtags, for example: #buHeatblastfusions, #buWildmuttfusions etc.
  3. Each fusion is made up of only 2 Aliens, I do not make fusions that have more than two aliens at a time.
  4. All fusions must be designed with the Omniverse style.
  5. All fusions must be made of all the aliens that Ben has converted into throughout the original series, UAF and Omniverse. I don't fuse aliens like Squidstrictor or Overflow that aren't cannon to the original franchise.
  6. Nor will they be allowed to fuse alternate universes counterparts, ultimate forms, nemetrix predators or fan aliens

Important Note

  • The wiki user Swapforcefan1 and the Deviantart user Rizegreymon22 are the same person.
  • Because of the fact that Jetray, Fasttrack, Chamalien and Spitter are the only aliens that didn't appear in Omniverse, some unofficial designs are used to make the fusions of these aliens.