The Biomnitrix is used by Ben in the series Ben 10: Biomniverse. It only looks likes the canon Biomnitrix.

The Omnitrix on the left arm allows Ben to use any alien he has been able to use in the past, and grants them all Ultimate forms if need be, even if Ben never used their Ultimate forms before.

The Omnitrix on the right arm allows Ben to use aliens that are brand new, or were originally locked after the 44th episode of Omniverse, and the Ultimate forms of these aliens are unable to be accessed.


(as of The Shrouding)


1. Ripjaws

  • Ultimate Ripjaws

2. Benwolf

3. Ditto

4. Swampfire

  • Ultimate Swampfire

5. Clockwork

6. (currently unknown)

7. (currently unknown)

8. (currently unknown)

9. Mimic

10. Ventrilosquid (sample from Synaptak's species)

11. Way Big (as of Episode 15)

12. sample from a Limax (as of Episode 17)


All other aliens

Ultimate Way Big (as of Episode 15)

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