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BioBlaster is a Cyboros from the planet Maritime.


BioBlaser possesses dark blue skin with some areas being grey due to cybernetic implants. He has a jetpack coming out of his back and a blue tail and an eye at the tip of each one.


While BioBlaster can survive in any atmosphere with no trouble whatsoever, his main advantage is the cybernetics inside his body which give him enhanced strength, flight and the power to shoot blasts of bio-energy from his eyes at will. BioBlaster also has incredible vision from his many eyes.

Bioblaster's body may also incorparate more technology into his body allowing him access to there advantages (i.e Absorbing a computer would boast his brain power and let him use the internet with his mind, absorbing a car motor would give him super speed etc).


BioBlaster's body due to being partially robotic is very sensitive to electronic disruptions.

Any new technology that BioBlaster absorbs get removed changing to a different form.


He will appear in the Ben 50: Final countdown episode "Bleeding".