General Information
Species Aeriauphoria
Home World Aeriania
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight, ranged disks, heat durability
First Appearance "The Arctic Circle"
BioHazard is one of Joe's alien DNA samples that he can transform into while using the KeyTrix in the series "The Hero Generation." He is confirmed to be one of Joe's favorite aliens.


BioHazard appears as a humanoid robot with a shiny, reflective armor. In spite of this, he is confirmed to be a living organism. His head is round, and has a three dimensional rectangular mouth that sticks out of his chin, much similar to Water Hazard from the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien series. His arms are skinny, but his hands are large and bulky, as well as four gargantuan fingers. His red legs and red chest covering are connected by a skinny black torso.


BioHazard has the ability to fly, thanks to his collapsable wings. In a small shell-like compartment sticking out on his back, foldable green wings are tucked inside and sprout out when needed. His wings can go the speed of a humming bird's wings, therefore keeping him airborn rather well. He also has the ability to shoot explosive green discs from the bright red triangular compartments in the top of his hands. These are solidified disks of corrosive acid that BioHazard's kind naturally makes. BioHazard also has the ability to be durable to extreme heat.


Not much is known about BioHazard's race, except the fact that they had to adapt to the sandstorms on their home planet, Aeriania, therefore developing hard outer shells, like robotic armor.

Appearances in The Hero Generation

The Metaware


BioHazard with the Metaware

With the Metaware, BioHazard's armor turns into a metallic blue color. His wings are now chrome, and the black parts of his body are now red like his old armor. His jaw is also wider and he now has four eyes. It has been shown that BioHazard, while equipped with the Metaware, has amazing strength, speed, and durability.


  • One of BioHazard's original designs was a version of him with a blue color scheme.
  • Another early design of BioHazard is Sun Scream.
  • BioHazard's name does not have anything to do with the word 'Biohazard,' which means to be a life hazard; however, Joe had remarked that he named him 'BioHazard' because he thought it sounded cool.
  • BioHazard is Joe's only flying alien, and uses him mostly for transportation purposes.
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