The Bio-Core is the latest prototype in the Omnimatrix family of devices, and was intended to be the direct successor to Ben's Biomnitrix series.


The Bio-Core, when powered on, is fairly similar in appearance to the traditional Omnitrix symbol, and from there can be placed onto the user's chest, locking onto their biological signature to prevent it from being pulled off or simply falling off during use.

It also has an alternate appearance, akin to the Unitrix core, which can be placed inside a variety of holding chambers to suit the user's preferred appearance for the device.


The Bio-Core began development late into Ken Tennyson's life as a successor to the Biomnitrix units used by him and his father, as his daughter Brianna had began to run into various problems when attempting to use it herself. After Ken had passed, and the Biomnitrix's internal code had been corrupted, development on the Bio-Core was fast-tracked, but unfortunately ran into several issues, eventually halting progress entirely until Brianna's son Julius took interest in the project.


Like most Omnitrix models, it has the same basic modes, such as an Active and Scan mode. It does feature a Recalibration mode, but this is an internal-only mode for the core to adjust to any change in holding chambers.

List of Accessible Aliens


  • The idea of an Omnitrix essentially being stripped down to its essentials; the core, was inspired by the simplistic design of the Unitrix.
  • Julius secretly isn't a fan of many of the aliens' names, but is simply too scared of public backlash to change parts of what many consider to be Ben's legacy.
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