Billy Numerous
General Information
Species Meta Human
Home World Earth
Residence The Technodrome
Age Late Teens, Early Twenties
Affiliations The H.I.V.E (member)
The Footclan (member)
Occupations Superpowered Criminal
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Self Replication
Equipment Communicator
Relatives Unknown
Himself (Clones)
Voice Actor Jason Marsden

Billy Numerous is a villain in Ben 10: Haunted. He first appeared in The H.I.V.E. He is a Meta-Human from the planet Earth.


Billy is a skinny male wearing a bright red suit with a division symbol on the chest and sporting shades. He has black bands around his suit.

Billy Numerous.png


Billy is a greedy and energetic fellow, however he is also incredibly lonely and makes clones to keep him company whenever nobody is around. He is also very egotistical and vain, always full of himself no matter how badly he's beaten.

Powers and Abilities

Billy's main power is the ability to self replicate. His clones share the same memories and thinking process as him.


Billy was once a normal human who was abducted by Krang so he could make this Earth's H.I.V.E 5. Before this, he was outgoing and beloved by all at his campus, but he was secretly a lonely guy who was just glad to be around anyone. He could get on people's nerves due to this secret trait.

In The H.I.V.E: Billy was abducted offscreen by Krang or his Roadkill Rodneys, where he was brought to the Technodrome to unlock his dormant Meta Gene. This was done by using Splixson DNA to awaken his power. After the process was completed and he was brainwashed to assure his assistance, he robbed a Mr. Smoothy's alongside Seemore to draw Ben out. After a brief battle Billy and Seemore fled, luring Ben back to the Technodrome. He then fought Ben onboard the mobile fortress, only to be defeated by Heatblast and Kickin Hawk.

In Lonesome Ghost: He helps fix the Technodrome offscreen.

In Kyd Wykkyd Rises: He helps finish the Technodrome's repairs offscreen once again.

In The Negative 10 Returns: Billy cameos as one of the attendees of Animo's meeting as a potential recruit for the Negative 10.

In Mutants Vs. Metas: He slips on a wet floor accidentally and gets teased for it by Bebop and Rocksteady. This leads to an all-out prank war between the H.I.V.E and the Mutant Punks. He falls victim to Rocksteady's hot sauce laced meal, but is avenged when Kyd Wykkyd pulled the switcheroo with Krang's meal for his. He later helped hotwire the Technodrome's robots to his side and tried to get Ghost King's help, but the spirit refused since he was friendly with both sides. Eventually he and the others make amends when they must fight off Baxter Stockman, who was hired by Shredder and Krang to end the prank war. He is last seen chasing Baxter angrily.

In The Greatest Gameshow: He is forced to compete in Charles Zenith and Collectimus' show. He can be seen griping at the fact the Rampagers won due to Larry accidentally making a lake form on Mars by crying. He later takes part in fighting off the army of demons, but is eliminated due to his clones being constantly vanquished by them. He is later returned home thanks to Ben winning the game on his and everyone else's behalf.

In Wanted: Ben Tennyson: Billy is loaned to Will Harangue's maze as security to make sure Ben doesn't escape offscreen. However, he fails at his job as Ben DOES eventually escape.

In War of the Villains: He and his clones pig pile Rojo and her gang, only to be thrown off and knocked out. He is saved from being killed by Rojo thanks to Flame melting her gun. He regains consciousness and escapes before the Plumbers arrive at some point.

In Numerous: He grows tired of being a joke to his team and leaves to prove his worth. He terrorizes Bellwood through all sorts of antics before Ben takes a gamble and out duplicates Billy. Billy then gets defeated when his clones are forced back into him and is promptly arrested, momentarily powerless.

In XL: Billy briefly appears, taunting Ben and Rook on their way to confront XL Terrestrial. He returns at the end when XL Terrestrial is put into the same cell as him, making them cellmates.

In Escape from Plumber HQ: He, Ghost King and XL Terrestrial initiate a riot in the mess hall before going on a rampage through Plumber Headquarters. After about an hour, they escape.

In The News Never Sleeps: Billy takes part in preparing to mutate Ben Tennyson as revenge for his past humiliations. Unfortunately for him, Will Harangue arrives and saves Ben. Before Ben could send the Technodrome back to it`s home dimension an everyone on board, Kyd Wykkyd grabs him and teleports him and the rest of the H.I.V.E to safety. They are now homeless in Bellwood.


  • The H.I.V.E
  • The Negative 10 Returns (cameo)
  • Mutants Vs. Metas
  • The Greatest Gameshow
  • War of the Villains
  • Numerous
  • XL (briefly)
  • Escape from Plumber HQ
  • The News Never Sleeps
  • Etc.


  • Despite Krang using Splixson DNA on him, he always secretly had the ability to self replicate. He is also not a hybrid, as the DNA was only used to unlock his Meta Gene.
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