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The Billiontrix is Evan Levin's Omnitrix in Evan Billion. It has a billion aliens, listed here. Along with its aliens, it has a


billion features. It was passed down from generation to generation in the Levin family, and was completed by Kevin.

In Evan Billion: Regular Show Version, it was unknown how Evan could turn into aliens when he was wearing a Rigby costume, although this episode is non-canon.

Regular Features

Alien Mode

As the most common mode, the user can turn into aliens.

Teleportation Mode

The user can teleport anywhere he wants, as long as the Billiontrix has scanned the location first.

Power Combination Mode

If the user is a species besides a human, the user can combine his powers with the alien's powers.

Vehicle Mode

The Billiontrix turns into a vehicle. If the user is an alien when the Billiontrix is a vehicle, it is a vehicle related to the alien.

Change Mode

The user can make minor changes to its unlocked aliens.

Master Control Features

Fusion Mode

The user can fuse two or more aliens together.

Time Travel Mode

The user can time travel.

Powerful Mode

Probably the most powerful mode, the Billiontrix can add Technology and other things to itself to become more powerful.

Shapeshift Mode

The Billiontrix can turn into anything the user wants it to turn into.


In the future

Mr. Evan Levin wears it. It makes his arm indestructible.

Alien Sets

Each set has 20 aliens.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4


Inside the Billiontrix is a world where Total Drama Billion takes place. It's divided into several regions:

  • the Main Region, featuring lots of grass and trees
  • the Firey Region, featuring volcanoes, and a molten ground
  • the Underwater Region, which is underwater (obviously)
  • the Sky Region, which is a kingdom on clouds
  • the Jungle Region, which is a large jungle/forest
  • the Underground Region, which is underground
  • the Graveyard Region, featuring anything dead
  • the City Region, which has several buildings
  • the Tundra Region, which is very cold and frozen
  • the Mountain Region, which has several mountains and caves
  • the Swampy Region, which is a giant swamp
  • the Desert Region, which is a desert with almost no life
  • and the Radioactive Region, which is a radioactive wasteland
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