Bill "Bill 10" Hardison

Bill Hardison is the main character/protagonist of Bill 10


  • Bill has a short stature. His body is average He wears a black shirt with a grey stripe and blue jeans with black and white sneakers.he has orange hair and the Albatrix (Albastrumatrix) is on his left wrist


Cocky and arrogant,but kind when it is needed,kind of a joker,and always wants to help.


  • Playing his favorite video game: FIGHT FIGHTERS
  • Playing his favorite sport: Soccer
  • And beating up bad guys


  • Albatrix
  • Fists


  • Papa Mike(Grandpa)
  • Miranda Hemmingsworth(Best friend)
  • Tanya .J. Hardison(Sister)
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Aunt Clarise(Aunt)
  • Jackie (temp)
  • Susana (Love Interest)


  • Bill's Color scheme was originally going to be yellow instead of blue
  • Bill has a constant craving for seafood
  • Sorry for the pic being small
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