Noah 10: Matrix Unleashed
Season 6, Episode 7.5
Air date 1/8/2012
Written by Solo28
Directed by Solo28
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Bigger Than Big is the Way Big Fest 2012 special of Noah 10 and the second Alien Fest short.


Noah is riding his bike home from school.

"I hope an alien doesn't come invading." Said Noah.

An alien came invading! It was a Vaxasaurian.

"Fudge you, narrator." Said Noah.

Noah jumped off of his bike and activated the Matrix. He transformed.


Noah ran up to the Vaxasauran. He tried to punch him, but the Vaxasauran grabbed Noah by the arm and slammed him into a building. Noah kicked the Vaxasauran in the face. The Vaxasauran roared then charged at Noah. He punched Noah and kicked him away. He then grew to 60 feet and tried to step on Noah. Noah evaded and ran.

"Dang! He's huge compared to me!" Noah said. "Wait a did I not think of it before? I think I hit my head too hard."

Noah transformed.

"Way Big!"

Noah stood before the Vaxasauran.

"Ah. You're 60 feet and I'm 280 feet. Interesting..." Noah said.

The Vaxasauran ran to Noah and started punching his foot. Noah kicked him away. The Vaxasauran climbed up Noah's leg, but he grabbed the Vaxasauran by the tail and threw him into a building. He then grabbed him again and tossed him into space.

"That's that." Said Noah.

Just then, another To'kustar appeared!

"A To'kustar!?"

"Yes. I've come to destroy your planet."

Noah ran towards the To'kustar and punched him. The To'kustar kicked Noah in the stomach and elbowed him in the face. Noah roundhouse kicked him and then threw him.

"Fool! You can't beat me!" Said the To'kustar.

The To'kustar positioned his arms and charged up energy.

"Oh clambaskets." Noah said.

The To'kustar shot a cosmic ray at Noah. Noah crashed into several buildings.

"Wanna play it like that? Fine. Cosmic Ray Attack!"

Noah shot a Cosmic Ray at the To'kustar. The To'kustar shot a Ray and they got into a beam struggle. Noah won and sent the To'kustar into the sun and killed him.

"Yay. I won." Said Noah.

Then, another To'kustar came.

"Happy Way Big Fest!"




  • This is the Way Big Fest 2012 special.
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