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Big wars is a fan made episode of Ben 10: Stupidity Force. It is by jacob mason


when the to'kustar learns of the omnitrix has an evoled form of them they have to destroy ben tennyson


in the morning ben is at school and at break the omnitrix says that animo is near and has heatbat with him so ben turns into heatblast to trie to stops him. when he gets to animo he sees that animo has a gun and tries to shoot heatblast but he dodges then so animo tells heatbat to destroy him but ben turns into jury rig.

heatbat shoots a fire ball and destroys jury rigg and ben transforms back. but ben transforms into heatblast agian and defeats heatbat and dr animo.

major events

animo seems to had his arm turned into a brainstorn claw for no reason

heatbat returns since dr animo and the mutant ray

becy is bens gf since juilie died and has the power to turn into heatgirl after her transformaiton from the omnitrix

jury rig is destroyed in this episode

ben and becky has there first onscreen kiss


  • ben
  • gwen
  • kevin
  • becky
  • Heatgirkl
    max (hollygram)

Aliens by ben[]

  • heatblast(2)
  • way big
  • ultimate waybig
  • jury rig (destroyed)


  • animo
  • heatbat
  • the to'kastar army
  • becky(contolled for a min)


for a sec ult, waybig look taller than the empirore state building but the next scene hes not