Big X
Big X Official.png
General Information
Species 1/2 To'kustar
1/2 Celestialsapien
Home World None
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Omnipotence

Big X is a combination of Way Big and Alien X's DNA. He is a free to use alien.


Big X has the body of Way Big. However, the white of his skin has been replaced by Alien X's skin, and his mouth has been removed. He also has two of Alien X's horns on his head, with the center one being replaced by Way Big's fin.


  • Big X has all the powers of both aliens, but since he has Alien X, he's omnipotent, so really tbh it doesn't matter if it's Way Big or not, that just determines if he looks cool or not.
  • Like literally all Alien X fusions, this removes Bellicus and Serena for some reason instead of it just being Bellicus, Serena, and, in this case, Way Big.


  • Does he really have any tho
  • Can't he just say "I have no weaknesses"
  • And then he has no weaknesses
  • Smh


  • He is a free usage alien made by Alanomaly, meaning you don't have to ask to use him.
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