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Big Nose

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Big Nose is the Xceedtrix's DNA sample of a Breather from the planet Phlegm-N. Big Nose was created by Alexandre Magno.


Big Nose has a reddish gremlin-like body with an elongated nose with black markings. He wears a black and grey cap atop his face, yellow glasses, black and white gloves and suit and white sandals. The Xceedtrix symbol is located on his chest. He also has a grey scarf and sports a black beard.


Big Nose has a cowardly personality.

Powers and Abilities

Big Nose has acidic green snot, is indestructible and has enhanced speed. He can also manipulate and use his snot in multiple different forms, as his younger self used it to make a rope to grab onto Galord's ship.


He needs to take of his sandals to run, and then he has to come back to get them. He also can get stuck on his own snot, and he can feel a very bad pain if he falls on his nose.




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