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Big Nose

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Big Nose is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Breather from the planet Phlegm-N. Big Nose was created by Alexandre Magno.


Big Nose has an orange gremlin-like body, with a black, white and green cap atop his face, grey fur around his neck, green glasses, black-and-green gloves and black pants, a green and white belt which contains the Omnitrix and white and green boots.

Powers and Abilities

Big Nose has acidic green snot, is indestructible and has enhanced speed. He can also manipulate and use his snot in multiple different forms, as Big Nose used it to make a rope to grab onto Galord's ship.


As Battle Big Nose doesn't have sandals, his main weakness now is that he can get stuck on his own snot, and he can also feel a very bad pain if he falls on his nose.