Big Chilli
General Information
Species Pot of Chilli
Home World Earth
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance The UnderTown

Big Chilli is a character that appeared that appears in Ben 10: Ultra Aliens


  • He just a pot of chilli with a face.


  • He is very boring and bland and his chilli tastes like a normal chilli that you eat.
  • He runs his own chilli store and he enjoys eating himself sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

  • He is immune to the cold.
  • He can shoot little fireballs out of his mouth.


  • He is easy to get killed as he just a weak pot of chilli like his pot can be shattered or if there no chilli left in his pot.


  • Ben likes to eat at his chilli store.
  • He has a twin sister: Big Freezie
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