Big Chill
General Information
Species Necrofriggian
Home World Kylmyys
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Moth
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability Enhanced Agility Enhanced Speed Flight Underwater Breathing Space Survivability Density Shifting Intangibility Invisibility Cryo-Immunity Cryokinesis Freezing Breath Wind Breath Ice Generation

First Appearance Dawn of a New Era Part 2

Big Chill is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Necrofriggian from the planet Kylmyys in Ben 10: Omnitrix Wielder.


Same as his orginal appearance in canon.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

  • Big Chill’s body contains a reserve of chemical plasma that drastically reduces the temperature of anything it touches. This allows him to exhale a freezing vapor from his mouth that can quickly encase targets in ice. He can regulate the temperature of his breath to control how quickly or severely a target will freeze. His breath can be forceful enough to simulate a strong wind, which he has used to blow around vehicles as large as the Rust Bucket. He can also choose to directly spit the freezing chemical from his mouth in order to freeze a target more quickly and completely or in a vacuum.
  • Big Chill can use his freezing chemical to fire freezing beams from his hands. He can also use this ability to freeze any object he touches or to cause ice constructs to materialize from any solid surfaces he touches or around his hands.
  • Big Chill can compress his freezing vapor in his mouth to form icicles, which he can then spit as projectiles.
  • Big Chill can make himself intangible. While intangible, he can reduce the temperature of anything he passes through to the point that it freezes. He can also make himself invisible.
  • Big Chill is immune to radiation and to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. He can also survive underwater and in space
  • Big Chill is strong enough to rip apart steel girders and, and his jaws are strong enough to chew through metal. He can also carry objects weighing several hundred pounds with his feet.


Big Chill is shown to be weak to electrical attacks, and his intangibility can be negated by it or by certain chemicals and energy fields.

Big Chill’s invisibility is limited to a small spectrum of light, and he can be detected by radar or by infrared scans.

Big Chill’s intangibility is useless against other intangible objects or opponents. It is also consciously used rather than reflexively, and he can be hit by surprise attacks.

Big Chill’s cryokinetic abilities are useless against his natural predator, Psycholeopterrans.



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