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[[Category:Explosion aliens]]
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Big Boom is a Nukian from Explodia. He is in Epic Tyran.

Big Boom
Big Boom
General Information
Species Nukian
Home World Explodia
Body Big Bomb
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Exploding, enhanced strength, controlling explosives
First Appearance Unknown


Big Boom can explode with the force of a nuclear bomb. He can charge his explosions by lighting up the rings on the string attached to his head. Big Boom can also regenerate after exploding and has enhanced strength. He can control explosives. Big Boom has two small holes at the bottom of his body. He can make mini-explosions come out of them. Using that method, he can 'walk'.


He's an explosivomanaic, meaning that he likes to explode and make other things explode. If he touches fire, he will explode.

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