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Story starts out at Mr.Smoothie. Ben is drinking a Blue Berry Banana Blast smoothie.

When Ben finishs his smoothie he goes up to the counter. "May I have 10 more Blue Berry Banana Blast smoothies please." Ben says.

The worker replies in shock "Are you sure you can drink those all by yourself kid?" Ben replies "I can't" Ben transforms "Upchuck, but I can!" "Ok then" the worker says.

The worker hands Upchuck a tray of 10 smoothies. Upchucks wraps his tounge around the tray and eats the tray and the smoothies in one bite. "Mmmmmmm, That was good!" Upchuck says.

"No that was disgusting." the worker says. "You think that was gross!?" Upchuck looks at an old dirty trashcan. "Hows this for you!?" Upchuck vomits all over the trashcan melting some of it in the process. Then he wraps his tounge around what is left of it and eats it.

The worker gags and vomits on the ground. "Now that was gross" Upchuck says. The worker faints.

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"AWW CRAP!" Upchuck says. Upchuck transforms "AmpFibian!" AmpFibian shocks the worker with electricity. The worker wakes up. "That hurt." AmpFibian transforms into XLR8 "Uhhh, gotta run!" "Come back here!!!" the worker says. THE END


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