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S T A R Labs

Star labs in 2050.


Batman's first appearance.

Two guards sitting a sleep at S.T.A.R. Labs when a dark figure sneaks behind themand finds a computer and hacks into the memory and prints of a small disk when two plumbers shine thier badges on the figure. "You

Gwendolyn Tennyson's powers

Gwen's powers

are traspassing, stand down!" The figure jumps into the air and the plumbers shine light at the ceiling but the figure is gone.


Ben is replaying the tape from the Break in from his headquarters .He pauses and zooms into the figure and "says it can't be." Ken appears "what can't be?" Ben replies "I need to make some phone call." Ken says "any news on my watch?" Ben replies "No!" Gwen appears "Dad sure was worried." Ken replies , Gwen ! I thought you were with Mom in the Null Void dropping Animo off." "Nope Mom fixed the ships teleporter so i'm here to help". "Cool". "Yeah dad was acting wierd he's usually so lay back, can you see who was calling dad by thier nana or whatever"? "Its mana and no I can only track living things." " Well maybe I can find out" (Ken said with a smirk)

"How"? Gwen said. "Stakeout". (Ken and Gwen are hideing in a tree near S.T.A.R. Labs) "Haaggghhhooo" Ken snored. "Ken wake up", Gwen exlaimed. Ken replies " Why its not like anyones going to show. (Gwen puts her hand over Ken's mouth.) "Shhh I see someone ". ( A dark figure sneaks into the lab.) "Looks like a job for... (Ken hits the Fusionatrix and turns into a wolf/dog alien and exlaims Wildwolf!!!! and jumps into the lab with Gwen.) "Try sniffing around for him" Gwen said. (Ken stumbles upon BATMAN!!!!) Gwen replies "oh boy." Batman throws a baterang at the two but Gwen blocks it whith a shield and, Ken jumps on Batman and, Batman tazes Ken on the side ,and Ken turns into a Fiery/Diamond alien and shouts Lavatar!!! and burns through some of batman's suit ,and Gwen seals batman in a mana bubble ,and Ken turns back to human. (The next scene is in side of H.Q whereBatman is in a similiar tpe of restraints from the original series episode "Secrets". "Sooo what where you doing at S.T.A.R. Labs"Ken said. Batman replies "You aren't getting anything out of me." ( Batman overloads the restraints and pops a smoke bomb onto the floor.) "Oh no you don't!!" Ken said. (Ben appears behind Ken and says let him go you'd never catch him." Ken replies "But he stole from the lab , he hurt Gwen, he needs to pay". Ben replies "trust me he will be served justice.

Wildmutt UA2

Wildwolf's first appearance.