Splix 10
Season 1, Episode 12
Written by Batking
Directed by Batking
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Smallish Invasion (Season 2)

Plumbers and Splix 10: Fight Against Poachers (Mid Season/Postponed)

This is the 12th episode of Splix 10, and the Season 1 Finale.



Keith: Now Splix don't over react.

Splix: Over react? She is the reason our families are probably dead!

Keith: Maybe, but she's been really nice to us.

Splix: She was acting. None of it was real.

Keith: Maybe you're right, but I don't think so.

(Splix and Keith meet Zynon who takes them to a Plumbers Base underground)

Zynon: Now Molecule, and Torpedo.

(Keith interrupts)

Keith: My name isn't Torpedo.

Splix: Roll with it.

Zynon: Anyways, you two must train for I have intell that Nac will be sending Selu, and 800 Drones to take over the city.

Splix: I won't let it happen!

(Splix slams on the watch, and becomes Juggernaut)

Juggernaut: JUGGERNAUT! You're gonna die Selu!

(Juggernaut shoots Keith who balls up to block it)

(Keith is sent flying into the wall)

Zynon: Now you two please stop fighting!

Juggernaut: Ok.

(Juggernaut reverts to Splix)

(Splix walks over to the punching bags, and starts punching)

  • 10 Hours Later*

(Splix is asleep, Keith is rolling around, and Zynon is drinking tea learning new languages)

(Suddenly a drone crashes through the roof)

Splix (Wakes Quickly): What the Potato was that!

(Splix looks up and sees the gigantic Drone)

Keith(Stopping): WOW, Mamma Luigi!

(Keith rolls up to it, and tries to take out an arm, but is deflected at Splix)

(Splix flies back into the wall)

Splix: You know what you need a lesson in strength!

(Splix slaps the watch, and becomes Slimeball)

Slimeball: SLIMEBALL! What, no this punnie little thing!

Keith: HA,HA,HA!

Slimeball: I'll show you!

(Slimeball slaps the trix symbol against the ground, but flies into the wall)

Slimeball: Why didn't I go Ultimate! I've done it before!

Keith: Well what happened last time when you did?

Slimeball: I was cut in half.

(A light bulb appears over his head)

Slimeball: Cut me in half now!

Keith (Grabs a sword): Ok here we go!

(Just as Keith is about to cut Slimeball reverts, but Drones fly in through the ceiling and shoot Keith saving Splix)

Zynon: Oh no, DRONES!

(Dramatic suspense)

Splix: Dun, dun, dun!

Zynon: Torpedo wake up!

Splix: Let him sleep I can handle this!

(Splix slaps the watch, and becomes Werewolf)

(Werewolf tears the Drone to shreds)

Werewolf: DONE!

(Werewolf runs over to Keith)

Werewolf: Hey are you okay man?

Keith: Yeah.

(The episode ends with Plumbers coming down)

Major Events

  • Splix and Keith Train
  • The Invasion Starts








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The mid-season happens after the 2nd season premiere

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