Brandon 10 - Shape Shifers Transformation

Best Comfort is the 6th episode of the show, Brandon 10.


In a final attempt,Brandon 10gets to go to his favorite hotel during a school break. When entering his hotel room, a group of aliens appear in a strange UFO in the parking lot disgused as peoples and a mini van. Geting board, Brandon as Stinkfly speeds down to the arcade and plays some games as the aliens invade as well. Heading for the pool, Brandon swim underwater to enjoy the water as the aliens feast on the clorean behind some fake bushes. When Brandon heads for his room, he notices the aliens messing with the elevator and then soon turn into him. Shocked, Brandon transforms into Diamondhead to stop them from attacking any citizens but later finds out that they only wanted to have a vacation. Soon the aliens leave and Brandon's vacation ends.


  • Brandon 10
  • Bell Boy
  • Maid

Alien Used


  • Alien shape shifters


  • Ripjaws and Freezefire were planed to be in this episode but didn't make the cut
  • When transforming the aliens like similar to Tack from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Basic Training
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