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Benzarro is an alternate and evil version of Ben Tennyson.


Benzarro now has light pink skin with purple markings and white hair. After the War of the Bens, he started to wear a yellow hazmat suit, which is connected to his Omnitrix.


Benzarro behaves very primitively, displaying ape-like body movements and dexterity in his human form. Instead of coherent speech, he only yells phrases like, "What we do now?" and "Ben smash!" He still headbutts his Omnitrix to transform, but sometimes also presses it.


6 years before being kidnapped by Eon and Vilgax, Benzarro was a normal Ben Tennyson, until the day his grandpa and cousin were kidnapped by Dr. Animo in a nuclear power-plant during his summer vacation.

Animo said that the device in which they looking at was a DNA bomb which he hooked up to a nuclear reactor which when detonated will spread into the atmosphere and "de-evolutionize" the world. Ben then broke in as Heatblast an attacked the villain, which caused him to hit the machine and initialize the explosion. As Animo said that he would kill them all, Ben remember what his grandpa taught him when he first got the Omnitrix about extinguishing the fire with another fire.

Heatblast then proceeds to burn the machine, causing an error, making the machine release a wave of energy that hit Heatblast, making the Omnitrix crackle with energy and it times out, causing Heatblast to revert back into Ben and Animo flies away.

Max and Gwen run over to make sure Ben is alright. Just then, the Omnitrix glows purple and discharges a green burst of energy, releasing the mutagenic energy to the surroundings so that the Omnitrix wouldn't be overcharged with it, causing a zombie outbreak on the surrounding area, including Grandpa Max and Gwen. Due to the massive explosion on his wrist, Ben passes out, but Max and Gwen stay roaming the room.

Hours later, the SECT team, lead by Liutenant Steel, arise on the facility after collecting 7 other individuals. Max and Gwen try to attack them, but Steel orders his men to take them down. They use sleeping-gas to take both of the hostiles zombies, and Steel is praised that he finally caught Ben Tenyson. Ben then wakes up on a cell, wearing a purple straitjacket with a "10" sewed on the chest, alone, with limited understanding of his surroundings, and now, of himself also.

Years later, after being sent back to his timeline by Clockwork, he found himself out of the SECT facility, but near a populated area. They gave him the hazmat suit, and now Benzarro is free again.

Powers and Abilities

In battle, just like every other Ben, Benzarro relies on his Omnitrix to fight.


  • Omnitrix: due to not being recalibrated, Benzarro's Omnitrix has the same funcionalities of the original prototype.

Accessible Aliens

  1. Batteram
  2. Atomix
  3. NRG
  4. Gutrot
  5. Frankenstrike
  6. Snare-Oh
  7. Bad Joke
  8. Blitzwolfer
  9. Whampire
  10. Toepick
  11. Blick Neath
  12. Wildmutt
  13. Heatblast
  14. Upgrade
  15. Way Big
  16. Goop
  17. Stinkfly
  18. Bloxx
  19. Swampfire
  20. Fire Crusader
  21. Mage
  22. XYZ
  23. Rath
  24. Alien X
  25. Spitter
  26. Grey Matter
  27. SnowBeast
  28. Portaler