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Benvicktor (Alien Revived)
General Information
Species Anurisian C
Home World Anur III
Body Frankenstein
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength

Super Durability Sharp Reflexes Super Intelligence Electric Manipulation

First Appearance The Sad Story

Benvicktor is the DNA sample of a Anurisan C.


Benvicktor has an appearance similar to the classic depiction of Victor Frankenstein's monster, hence the name. He has a muscular body and a human nose. He has greenish-grey skin, a black mullet hairstyle with brown at the end and sideburns and 2 tower-like conductor coils on his back.

Benvicktor wears dark blue pants with blue sides.He has dark green gloves with black markings.He has 3 black bolts on his chest and 1 black bolt on each side of his neck, all bolts have a green line on them. He has black lines on his waist that connects it to the Grenomatrix , whose symbol he wears on his waist, like a belt clasp.

Season 1[]

  • Benvicktor first appeared is Sad Story where his hologram and many other aliens were passed through.He later along with his sister Sally in AmpFibian form brought back the electricity to the city.In Ben's dream he was present along with the rest of Ben's aliens.
  • Benvicktor made is final appearance for season 1 in the third episode, Vicktor Day ,where Billy and Sally both fought Dr.Vicktor as Benvicktor.

Season 2[]

He will not reappear in Season 2.