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Benmutt is one of Ben's new combinations.




Home World:

Vulpin/Luna Lobo


Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Sonic Howls
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Climbing
Enhanced Bite
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Durability

First Appearances:

The Combinatrix


Benmutt is combination of Benwolf and Wildmutt, so he has brown hair on his neck an head and three nostrils on each side. Benmutt's mouth is orange and has Benwolf's snout. Benmutt is all orange except for his suitlike peice on his chest where the omnitrix is.

Powers and Abilities[]

Benmutt is able to split his snout in four ways and his sonic howls come out.

Wildmutt possesses high agility that makes him able to run, jump and climb on objects at high velocity.

Wildmutt has incredible sense of smell. He's able to track people from their scent, even if they are many miles away.

Wildmutt has enhanced strength. He possesses sharp claws. While Wildmutt is normally quadrupedal, he can stand on his hind legs and brandish his front paws into fists.

Wildmutt has the ability to shoot quills from his back, like a porcupine myth, but this has been unseen.

Appearances So Far[]

Season One
The Combinatrix
World of Woods and Flames