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Benfriend is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cognitisapien from the planet Amisocius in Ben 10: Time's End.


Benfriend has a long, curving body similar to that of ChamAlien. His body is primarily pink in color, with purple curves patterned across his body. Each of his hands has three digits that have sharp claws at the end. He has white hooves. His head and the end of his tail are both spherical. On his head are six black eyes with green pupils surrounding one large eye. His mouth is made up of two large mandibles like one would find on an insect. He has two large antlers each with two prongs. At the end of his tail are jagged, bony growths. He wears black bands around his forearms and thighs. The band on his left arm houses the Omnitrix.


  • Benfriend's primary power is the aura he emits. This aura has an odd psychic effect on the people around him, causing them to become allies and friends of him regardless of previous relations. This tends to result in the people around him having a slight change in emotion and demeanor as well.
  • In the event of needing to use melee attacks, Benfriend has antlers, claws, sharp mandibles, and the jagged bones on his tail.


  • Benfriend's aura has its limits. Benfriend must be able to get close enough for the aura to affect its target properly. If Benfriend changes to another transformation, the aura will eventually wear off. The amount of time this takes depends on the amount of exposure the person has had to his aura. The longer the exposure, the longer the time they are affected.
  • Benfriend's aura is useless against emotionless opponents, and thus he would have to use melee to combat them.






  • Benfriend's name is a play on "Ben" and "Befriend." His name calls back to the original names of Blitzwulf (Benwolf), Snare-Oh (Benmummy), and Frankenstrike (Benvicktor).
  • Benfriend's species name is a play on the Latin word "cognitis," meaning acquaintance.
  • Benfriend's planet name is a play on the Latin words "amica," meaning friend, and "socius," meaning ally.


  • Benfriend's design was made in the free trial version of Spore Creature Creator.
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