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Bencloons is Ben's copied form of the Alien Species Enclooni which first appeared in the "Ben 10: Generations" Episode "Benship."


Bencloons has One green eye on his head and a big Unibrow. Like Most other Enclooni have a big bulging wart on their Right hand from using Alien Tech from other planets continulously. He wears a yellow rings that boosts his Smartness and Power with Electricity. To keep in style of the Enclooni on how they all have different symbols Bencloons has the symbol of an Odd V-Shape. He also wears a Red cap with a Green circle on.


Bencloons is quite Smart and can also Generate Electricity from his Hands and turn it into a Powerful Blast. He can even shoot Lasers out of his Eyes! His powers are boosted via the Energy Rings on their Arms that they always wear which was shown in the Episode "Benship" when he exploded all the Alarms and Power disablers in the Room.


  • Benship (Debut.) Ship uses him to fool the other Enclooni's and take them out.


  • Ship used him first as Ship was trapped in Ben's body at the time.
  • He is very smart with Technology and is half as Smart as Grey Matter.
  • Ship named him.


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