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ben 10 time force(early on it was ben 10:time traveller)is a series by that follows Ben tennyson as he Travells through time and dimensions defeating those who try to mess up the time stream or rewrte the person's destin(the villains try to rewrite the destiny's). It is supposed to have 8 seasons, and it was created on 4/22/15


It takes a year after The events of omniverse


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Ben tennyson professor paradox


  • Ben tennyson
  • Professor pardox
  • Elliot kensworth(of eli ten is shown contacting ben by his interdimensional phone like object)

Carson Wilson

  • Mona Windmaster

Kira aka shebeast


  • Nega ben

malware(ressurected) Endgame The anti-forcee


Omnitrix Aliens

  • dustpan

Omninja Ratrap Renebot Xlr-guy dust trap Rath feedback heatblast heatback wildvine ghostfreak Wreckeranger etc

Ultimate Forms
  • Ultimate omninja
  • Ultimate Heatblast

Ultimate wreckeranger Ultimate gravattack

Nemetrix Aliens

  • Planetick

Ultimate crabdozer Ultimate planetick buglizard hydrohound Hammerhead

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