(This is part 4 of Ben goes Back to the Future)

(Ben is in front of Marty's house and out of the DeLorean)

Ben: Marty! You've gotta come back with me!

Marty: Where?

Ben: Back to the past

Marty: Why? (Ben shows him his fading hand) Oh God! Let's go

(They jump into the DeLorean and set the year up and close the doors)

Ben: Let's go!

Marty: You said it!

(Ben pounds the gas and they speed up to 88 miles an hour and travel back in time)

(They arrive in 1955)

Marty: What do you think you did to change the timeline?

Ben: Well all I did was see my past self, but I should be at Lyon Estates right now.

Marty: What's that up there?

Ben: (looks up ahead) Is that... The Doctor?

Marty: What?

(The TARDIS is in the middle of the road)

Ben: Come on! (Gets out of the DeLorean)

Marty: HEY! (Gets out of the DeLorean too)

Ben: Doctor! Doctor It's me, Ben!

Doctor: Ben! How long has been?

Ben: Beats me. We both have time machines

Doctor: Thats true.

Ben: Hey! (Sees his hand had stopped fading from excistence)

Doctor: What?

Ben: Bringing the time machines together, must have fixed the timeline in some weird, not-understandable way.

(Marty clears his throat)

Ben: Oh! Sorry. Doctor, this is Marty Mcfly

Marty: Hey Doctor. (Holds out his hand for a handshake)

(Doctor smiles at him and shakes his hand)


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