(this is Part One of Ben goes Back to The Future)

(if you haven't realized by now, this is an alternate timeline)

(This takes place 2 years after Back to The Future 3)

(Ben spots Doc pulling into his driveway in the DeLorean and runs up to him as he gets out)

Ben: Doc!

Doc: Ben!

Ben: Doc! What the heck are you doing here!?

Doc: Well, this rebuilt Delorean was intended for Marty, but he didn't want it.

Ben: Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me i get to keep the DeLorean?

Doc: Yes!

Ben: I'll take it, but I already have a car (points to the DX Mark 10 a few feet away) but what can another one hurt?

Doc: Here are the keys (drops the keys into Ben's hand)

Ben: Thanks Doc. I'll be careful not to hit 88 miles an hour on my way to school (laughs)

Doc: Bye

Ben: See you soon, Doc.

(Doc walks away and Ben walks inside his house)

Ben: Mom, what time is it?

Sandra: 8:25

Ben: (under his breath) Damn, I'm late for school

Ben: Bye Mom!

Sandra: Bye

(Ben jumps into the Delorean, checks that the Time Circuits were off, pull out the key, closed the door, started the engine, and took off)

Ben: Hope I don't hit 88 miles an hour (looks at the Digital speedometer and sees reads 88) Darn it...

(With the Time Circuits off, Ben was randomly transported to 1955 where he and Marty were in Back to The Future One) (Alternete Timeline)

Ben: I have to find some garbage to power Mr. Fusion and the Flux Capacitor so i can get home to the future (Looks around Past Bellwood) Wow Bellwood will change a lot!

To Be Continued

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