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Ben played a TV with his brother Elghin on our room

Ben said Bro come on with me see my sister gwen and jada and our cousin Kevin Okay bro .

Elghin said Okay i will turn FASTTRACK

Elghin turns and transofroms fasttrack

Fasttrack : FASTRACK

Ben said Ok Bro i will turn JETRAY

Ben turn Stinkfly

Stinkfly : Oh Man i accident turn a alien but it is cool .

Fasttrack : Okay you are finee and cool and fine with me

Fasttrack and Stinkfly : [ Gasp ] where is our sisters and cousin they must to be trap with Arigt

Fasttrack : Ok i turn Big Chill then Ult . Big Chill

Fasttrack turn Big Chill

Big Chill : BIG CHILL Let go Time Ultimate

Big Chill turn Ult . Big Chill

Ult . Big Chill : ULT BIG CHILL

Stinkfly : i will turn Blox

Ult Big Chill : Blox ?

Stinkfly : yes our new and old alien

Stinkfly turn Blox

Blox : BLOX

They found a dumplings with Arigt

Blox and Ult . Big Chill : We will turn Way Big or Eatle

Blox : you first

Ult Big Chill : Ok

Ult Big Chill turn Eatle

Eatle : EATLE

Eatle : Ready you go

Blox : Ok

Kevin and Jada and Gwen said HELP !!! [ Screaming ]

Blox turn Stinkfly

Stinkfly : Again ?

Stinkfly turn Fasttrack

Fasttrack : FASTTRACK

Fasttrack and Eatle fight Arigts

Eatle turn Way Big

Fasttrack : I will turn Jetray

To Be Countine

Jetray and Waybig look at wall of rock fall destory of him

Jetray and Way Big : NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

Gwen and Jada and Kevin : Don 't worry i will save you

Way Big turn back Elghin

Fasttrack turn back Ben

Ben and Elghin said Thank You Eyeryone

Elghin turn Blox

Blox : Awsome

Ben turn Humsougaur

Humsourgar : Ready let go

Blox turn stinkfly

Humsougar turn Jetray

Jetray and Stinkfly fight him

Stinkfly turn new alien

Jetray and his teams gasp and look at him turn a new alien

Jetrmkoxhilcoraoopsouwowanr ; Hey i am cool

Arigt look at him

They huh

Aright died

They cheer

Gwen said what are your part of alien

Jetrmkoxhilcoraoopsouwowanr : that is jetray 's Left Arms Armdrillo 's power and everthing

They Laughed

Jetray turn Fourarms


Ben Tennyson

Elghin Tennyson

Jada Tennyson

Kevin Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson



Alien Used

Used by Elghin

  • Fasttrack
  • Big Chill
  • Ult . Big Chill
  • Eatle
  • Way Big
  • Blox
  • Stinkfly
  • Jetrmkoxhilcoraoopsouwowanr

Alien by Ben

  • Stinkfly [ 2X and Accidently by Jetray ]
  • Blox [ First Apperance ]
  • Fasttrack
  • Humgousaur
  • Jetray [ 2X]
  • Fourarms

April 25 , 2012 3 pm 8 pm


When Blox did not say his name


They look so cool