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Ben Tennyson (Dimension X)
Ben x.png
General Information
Species Human
Any Species
Residence Bellwood X
Age 17
Occupation Hero (formerly)
Villain (currently)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities DNA Alteration
Equipment Omnitrix (formerly)
Ultimatrix (formerly)
Relatives Gwen Tennyson
Albedo (technically)
First Appearance To Dimension X We Go!
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal

Ben Tennyson, also known as Ben X, is a former hero and now villain in Dimension X. He appears in The New Omniverse. He makes his first appearance in To Dimension X We Go!


Before Mutation

Before his mutation he looked exactly like Ben in AF/UA but with his colorscheme after his mutation.

After Mutation

Ben X wears a shirt similar to Ben 10,000 from UA, except it is bright pinkish-purple and black. On his shirt in the right chest is a pinkish-purple X, and a few inches beneath it is a tear in the shirt. He wears black pants with a rip on the right knee. His hair is longer that Ben Prime's and he has an X on his chin, much like Kevin 11,000.


Ben X once had the exact same personality as Ben Prime, but after he was mutated, he became cruel and evil. According to Waybig, he uses his powers to frame Albedo for robberies and crimes.


Before The New Omniverse

Before The New Omniverse, Ben X had the sane history as Ben Prime up until the Ultimate Alien episode, Double or Nothing. Instead of Albedo succeeding in making him altar hi DNA without the nee of an Omnitrix, Ben X gained that power instead, breaking off the Ultimatrix, which Albedo took and fled. Ben X was fine, until after he had defeated Diagon. He then grew his hair and started to act very evil. One day, after they had saved the universe from the Anihilaarg, Ben X turned evil and Gwen and Kevin fought Ben. Ben X won and he destroyed parts of Bellwood. He also got his X on his chin that day.

The New Omniverse

In To Dimension X We Go!, Ben X makes his debut, having captured Ben 23, Jen 10, and Ben 7. Ben Prime teams up with his dimension's Albedo and Kevin, and they free Ben 23, Ben 7, and Jen and defeat Ben X and Sunny from Dimension X as well. It is assumed that Ben X was arrested after the episode.


The New Omniverse

The New Omniverse
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