Death Devil, Sublimino, Charmcaster, DNA sucker, Ghostfreak and Alter Ben made a council to erase the Tennysons through Time, starting from the arrival of Omnitrix.The Gang merges some adventures and recontruct them. Ben found out the plan and asked Paradox to help. Can Ben stop their evil scheme???


Stage 1

Arrival of Omnitrix

Ben's Heat

Destroy Darkstar!

Charmcaster and Her doggies!

A Ghostfreak to transform* (Play as Tetrax)

Alter Ben and Former Evil Kevin

Save Gwen

Stage 2

Hex and Lucky Girl* (Play as young Gwen)

Dr. Animo is here

Death Devil has return

Kevin and the Ancient Artifact *(Play as Kevin)

Save the Corrodium

Hypnotist* (Play as Dr. Animo who was trying to defeat Clancy and Sublimino)

Triumph of Ultimos* (Play as Tini)

Alter Ben to destroy

Six Six and Rath!* (Play as Young Ben)

Stage 3

Save Corrodium

Creation of Negative Ten

Circus is a Circus* (Play as Ghostfreak)

Wierd Weather

Fear the Light


Destroy Ben* (Play as Paradox)

DNA ALIENS* (Play as Reinsarrig III)

Manic Wolf

Appoplexians (Con of Rath)

Unlock something* (Play as grandma Verdona)

Serenity in Mind

Sumo Slammers

Stage 4 (Final Stage - Ben 10 Alien Force + Alien Waves)

DNA Aliens are among us

SHIP SHIP* (Play as Julie Yamamoto)

Escape from the Forever Ever Knights* (Play as Ship)

Perfect Weather isn't Right??


War of Worlds!!


Rise Lucifer

Ah Puch and Sycorax

Where is Plantsy?

Libra and Delibra* (Play as Delibra)

Night of a Devil (Play as Gwen)

World War III (Play as Ship)

The Final Round!!!! (Play as Everyone you encounter During the Stages)

Aliens that can be used

Gargoyle (in DS )

Angel (in DS)

Goop (in PS2)

Diamondhead (in PS3)

Corona Storm (in X-box and Wii)

Ice Stone (in Wii and DS)

Plantsy (in X-box and PS 2)

Upgrade (in Wii and PC)

Squidchill (in PS2)

Technosquid (in PC and DS)

Rath (in DS)

Pink Magic (in Wii and X-box)

Mummystar (in PSP)

Plesiosaur (in PS3)

Thundersaurus (in PC)

Spidermonkey (in PSP)

Echo Echo (in X-Box and PC)

Brainstorm (in PC)

Swampfire (in Wii)

Nanomech (in PS3)

Electroguana (in PSP)

Big Chill (in PS3)

Alien X (in All)


If you get three sumo slammer card, you can get a new Alien without anything.

Echo Echo is hidden in Ben's Heat near a forest.

Plesiosaur is available in The Last Stage - Save Gwen

Mummystar cannot freeze or fly but simply Stretch its arms and attack.

Death Devil is invisible in Sumo Slammers. Defeat him and win Nanomech.

If you win a boss by combo attacks, you can easily get RAGE OF (Alien).

If you play as another character, you could get Ben's and The boss's comments. 

Other Character that can be used






Grandma Verdona



Reinsarric 3


Dr. Animo