Benjamin Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Mad Ben's Dimension
Age 16
Affiliations Yellow's Crew
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Exceptional Leadership Skills
Semi-Enhanced Intelligence
Experienced Hand-to-Hand Combat
Equipment Yellow's Omnitrix
Relatives Gwen Tennyson (Cousin)
Maxwell Tennyson
Alias Yellow
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance [[Welcome to the Mad World]]

Yellow is a hero in Yellow. He first appeared in Welcome to the Mad World. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


Yellow has the appearance of Ultimate Alien/Alien Force Ben. The only difference being his eyes and jacket are yellow instead of green.


Yellow, unlike most Bens in the Omniverse, is more of a strategist. He plans his battles out more than just using brute strength, hence him using Phrostom when fighting the Fiery Trio, or using Braincrab when fighting Mad Ben's Upgrade. He's also a big extrovert and loves to be around friends and family.

Powers and Abilities

Like most Bens, Yellow is efficient in hand-to-hand combat when not using the Omnitrix. He's also an exceptional leader with good leadership skills, and is smarter than most Bens. Yellow wields the Omnitrix (Omniverse Appearence) from his universe. Instead of it being Green, it is yellow.


Yellow has a fear of being alone; losing all his friends and family. We can sort of see this in the first episode of Yellow when he's first taken to Mad Ben's Universe. Unlike other Bens, he's not afraid of clowns, but instead ghosts (which will be explained in a future episode).


So far in the series, Yellow has been kidnapped and taken away from his universe. He was taken to Mad Ben's dimension, where he is being trained by Mad Ben (between episodes) to be a servant and Omnitrix-wearing soldier for Vilgax.

He's met new friends from other universes, such as Zombozo from the 23rd Dimension, Argit from the Prime Universe, and Helen Wheels in a timeline where Ben was killed in the Null Void when he was 10.

He's found out about Vilgax's plan to rule over the Omniverse and gather DNA from species all over the Omniverse. He will then use those DNA Samples and crate an all new Omnitrix for him.


He has his family relationships with Gwen and Max Tennyson from the Yellow Timeline before he was kidnapped, as well as friendships with Kevin Levin and Magister Psychobos. Now in Mad Ben's Dimension, he has a close friendship with Zombozo and Argit, as well as making a new friendship with Inferno, Anti-Hero and leader of The Fiery Trio, and Helen Wheels. Along with that, he has a burning hatred for Vilgax and Eon. Finally, he has sort of a love/hate friendship with Mad Ben.


  • Gwendolyn Tennyson
  • Maxwell Tennyson


  • Kevin Levin
  • Zombozo
  • Argit
  • Inferno
  • Helen Wheels
  • Mad Ben(?)

Love Interests

  • None (But soon)


  • None (But soon)



  • In the original appearance for Yellow, he was going to look like Omniverse Ben with the Hoodie, or a more brightly colored, happier Nega Ben.


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