Ben Tennyson was a 15-year old Omnitrix user until he was abducted by Eon and is now in a storage cell in Eon's base.


The average 15 year old Ben Tennyson.

Powers and Abilities

Strategy: Ben is a master strategist and can predict an opponent's moves.

Fighting Skills: Ben is an expert in freestyle combat.


Human: He has regular human weaknesses.


Omnimatrix: Ben has the most powerful device in the universe with 1,000,912 samples of DNA he may turn into at will. But only 29 are accessible for him as of now.


He was abducted by Eon when he was 15.


1. Four Arms

2. Upchuck

3. Arctiguana

4. Whampire

5. Heatblast

6. Diamondhead

7. Buzzshock

8. Way Big

9. Eye Guy

10. Snare-oh

11. Ripjaws

12. Wildvine

13. ChamAlien

14. Lodestar

15. Jury Rigg

16. Grey Matter

17. Ditto

18. Jetray

19. Pesky Dust

20. Blitzwolfer

21. Wildmutt

22. Upgrade

23. Humungosaur

24. Gutrot

25. Spidermonkey

26. Rath

27. Brainstorm

28. Echo Echo

29. Cannonbolt

Four Arms Silhouette

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