Ben Tennyson
Ben (UH-RAT).png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth (RAT Timeline)
Residence Bellwood
Age 17
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix
Voice Actor Graham Phillips
First Appearance Timescape

Ben Tennyson is a character in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero. He is an alternate version of Ben from the Race Against Time Timeline. He first appeared in the episode Timescape.


Ben's appearance is very similar to his main counterpart. He wears a light green shirt under a white jacket with strips. He also wears brown cargo pants and white sneakers.

Powers and Abilities

Ben's use of the Omnitrix over the years has allowed him discover new aliens.


During the events of Race Against Time, Ben, with the help of Gwen, Max, and the Plumbers, managed to stop the Chronian invasion. When Eon came back to exact revenge, Ben managed to throw him into the Hands of Armageddon, thinking he was gone for good.

After turning 16 years old, Ben had received news about Gwen involved in a car crash accident, which resulted in her death.

A year later, in the episode Timescape, Ben is greeted by James, a time traveler from the main timeline future. He is informed that Eon is alive and has resumed his plans to free his race. The two meet up with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin inside the Bellwood Museum basement, where they brief the hero's about Eon's race, history, and plans to use the Hands of Armageddon from their respective timelines. After Gwen accidentally triggered a brief connection between Eon, several of Eon's Servants attack the team. After a brief confrontation, they vanished. After moving the Hand of Armageddon to a cave at the Amazon Rain forest, Eon and more of his servants appeared. After his counterpart distracted Eon long enough for RAT Ben to use Clockwork, he was able to destroy both Hands of Armageddon, forcing Eon to retreat back to Chronia.

Episode Appearances


  • This Ben was originally supposed to be 36 years old in his debut. However this was changed to him being 17 years old instead in order for the writing to work out better.
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