"Being a hero isn't always what it's made out to be. I'm under pressure 24/7 to keep the planet safe. And I've been doing it since I was ten. Cut me some slack, will you?"

Ben Tennyson is one of the main protagonists in Stranger Things 10.


"I'm hard to miss. Lucky shirt, shaggy hair, cool watch, handsome face..."

Ben appears to be a youthful, 14-year-old boy with brown, shaggy, somewhat curly hair and green eyes. On his left wrist is the Omnitrix, a device that grants him the ability to instantly change his appearance and abilities to that of the selected alien.

In Galaxy's Rage, Ben appears to have aged up a bit, gaining more prominent features and being a bit taller than Kevin.


"I'm a kid. I know that. You don't have to take me seriously. But I take my responsibility in using the Omnitrix seriously. Well, for the most part, anyway."

Ben can come across as somewhat immature due to his reputation as a prankster, but he knows and accepts the responsibilities behind being a superhero. Over the course of four years, Ben has grown more experienced and responsible, but he doesn't always express these characteristics. Intelligent and resourceful, Ben can easily prove his worth against almost any threat.

While not a Plumber because of his age, he is respected by many members of the Plumbers as a potential recruit.


Ben discovered the Omnitrix on a road trip with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max in the summer of 1981. Fighting off threats from Earth or space for the last four years, Ben has made many friends and many enemies, facing villains such as Steam Smythe, Billy Billions, and Xingo alongside the traditional line-up of villains. Among his greatest foes are the Galactic Enforcers, Vilgax, and Eon.

In Galaxy's Rage, Ben is enlisted to be part of a space program sanctioned by NASA.

Powers and Abilities

"It started when an alien device did what it did..."

Ben wields the Omnitrix, a device created by Azmuth to bring peace to the galaxy. With the ability to instantly transform the user into various alien forms, Ben is capable of using all sorts of powers.

The Omnitrix, as a last resort, can take the user's consciousness as a DNA sample and inject a pod containing that sample into another life-form to merge their consciousnesses with his.

As of "Lost and Found," Ben has acquired some of Eleven's powers; more specifically, her power of empathy and looking into people's memories.

Ben has basic self-defense skills in human form. In Galaxy's Rage, Ben has picked up some parkour skills.


"Are you kidding me? Grey Matter, AGAIN?"

Ben sometimes may not always transform into the right alien with the Omnitrix, and like any other piece of machinery, the Omnitrix can glitch out. As a human, he has no special abilities beyond the ones he's obtained from Eleven.


Gwen Tennyson

Ben has a sibling-like relationship with his cousin Gwen. The two tend to be at odds with one another, but care for each other deeply and recognize the other as family. Ben always trusts Gwen with a backup plan should anything he do ever go wrong.

Maxwell Tennyson

Ben's relationship with his grandfather is the same as it always has been. Ben respects him as an authority figure, but will not hesitate to take matters into his own hands if he doesn't trust his grandfather's judgment.

Jane "Eleven" Hopper

Ben sees Eleven as a friend despite her odd origins and superhuman abilities. He has a bit of trouble communicating with her, due to her lack of understanding of social cues.

Will Byers

Ben and Will grow to be close friends over the course of their adventures in taking on the Lich and Eon. While their interests differ, both see the importance of being a hero and making important decisions to protect the people they care about. Both are willing to put their lives on the line to keep others safe. Ben is unaware of Will's admiration for Ben.

Kevin Levin

Kevin Levin is Ben's rival. The two share interests, but they were constantly at odds with one another due to their conflicting ideals. In 1983, Ben managed to talk Kevin down out of fighting after disabling his Antitrix and helped him come to his senses. The two haven't talked in two years, but after being reunited, they find a common enemy in Eon and common friends in the Party in Hawkins.


  • Appears in all episodes of Stranger Things 10.


  • Ben is allergic to peanuts.
  • Ben's fear of clowns has relapsed despite Zombozo's defeat.
    • It's implied that Ben encountered Pennywise, causing his fear to relapse.
  • Ben is afraid of peacocks.
  • With Sumo Slammers not existing yet in this timeline, Ben finds himself interested in sci-fi novels and movies, as well as horror movies. For video games, Ben shows interest in Galaga arcade machines and the newly-released Nintendo Entertainment System. Ben also has a slight interest in Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Despite liking horror movies, he tends to have nightmares about them.
  • Ben is aromantic.
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