"Being a hero isn't always what it's made out to be. I'm under pressure 24/7 to keep the planet safe. And I've been doing it since I was ten. Cut me some slack, will you?"

Ben Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Age 14
Birthday December 27th, 1970
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Dimension "The Rightside-Up"
Timeline Stranger Things Timeline
Affiliations The Plumbers

The Party (Additional Member)

Occupations Hero
Portrayal Graham Phillips

Wyatt Oleff (Galaxy's Rage)

Abilities and Equipment
Abilities DNA Alteration

DNA Scanner
DNA Reparation
Universal Translation

Mental Transmission


Equipment Omnitrix


Alias Ben 10 (By most of the party)

Alien Kid (By Steve Harrington)

Benji (by Kevin Levin)

10 (by Eleven)

Relatives Max Tennyson (grandfather)

Gwen Tennyson (cousin)

Friends Will Byers

Jane "Eleven" Hopper

Dustin Henderson

Mike Wheeler

Lucas Sinclair

Max Mayfield

Kevin Levin (frenemy)

Enemies The Lich




Billy Billions

Dr. Animo

Steam Smythe


The Galactic Enforcers

Ben Tennyson is one of the main protagonists in Stranger Things 10.


"I'm hard to miss. Lucky shirt, shaggy hair, cool watch, handsome face..."
Ben appears to be a youthful, 14-year-old boy with brown, shaggy, somewhat curly hair and green eyes. On his left wrist is the Omnitrix, a device that grants him the ability to instantly change his appearance and abilities to that of the selected alien.


"I'm a kid. I know that. You don't have to take me seriously. But I take my responsibility in using the Omnitrix seriously. Well, for the most part, anyway."
Ben can come across as somewhat immature due to his reputation as a prankster, but he knows and accepts the responsibilities behind being a superhero. Over the course of four years, Ben has grown more experienced and responsible, but he doesn't always express these characteristics. Intelligent and resourceful, Ben can easily prove his worth against almost any threat.

While not a Plumber because of his age, he is respected by many members of the Plumbers as a potential recruit.

Powers and Abilities

"It started when an alien device did what it did..."
Ben wields the Omnitrix, a device created by Azmuth to bring peace to the galaxy. With the ability to instantly transform the user into various alien forms, Ben is capable of using all sorts of powers.

The Omnitrix, as a last resort, can take the user's consciousness as a DNA sample and inject a pod containing that sample into another life-form to merge their consciousnesses

As of "Lost and Found," Ben has acquired some of Eleven's powers; more specifically, her power of empathy and looking into people's memories.

Ben has basic self-defense skills in human form.


"Are you kidding me? Grey Matter, AGAIN?"
Ben sometimes may not always transform into the right alien with the Omnitrix, and like any other piece of machinery, the Omnitrix can glitch out.


The events of Ben 10, Ben 10: Race Against Time, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, and some flashbacks seen in Ben 10: Omniverse are canon within this Ben's timeline, with some alterations.

Over his four years of wielding the Omnitrix, Ben has fought against villains that Ben Prime as not faced at the time, or at all. Ben has faced villains such as Steam Smythe, Billy Billions, and Xingo alongside the traditional line-up of villains.

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