Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
Ben Season 4 Pose.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 10
Affiliations Team Tennyson
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Gwen Tennyson (cousin)
Max Tennyson (grandfather)
Sandra Tennyson (mother)
Carl Tennyson (father)
Alternate Counterparts Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson
Arctic Ben
Assassin Ben
Ben 10,000
Ben 23
Bad Ben
Brit Ben
Gwen 10
Lyon Moreton
Mad Ben
Nega Ben
Soul Stanford
Voice Actor Tara Strong
First Appearance War Breakout: Part 1


Into the Omniverse's Reboot Ben looks exactly identical to Ben Tennyson from Seasons 4 and 5 of the Reboot.


Ben is childish and cocky, and likes to have fun. He doesn't like to do cleaning. His reckless behaviour often lands him in trouble.

Despite having a more childish side, Ben uses his more heroic standards since Maltruant wanted to kill canon Reboot Ben.

Powers and Abilities

Like every other alternate Ben Tennyson, Into the Omniverse's Reboot Ben relies on his Omnitrix for when it comes to battle.


Since having to face Maltruant, his expertise is drastically limited since his knowledge on Chronosapiens is terrible.





  • Ben 23 - Ben and Ben 23 get on very well since they're both childish and immature.

Love Interests


  • Albedo - Ben doesn't like Albedo since he reminds him of the Albedo in his timeline, but Ben tries to counter-argue by telling him that Albedo is on their side.




  • This alternate Reboot Ben was created back in 2017-2018 for Benzarro85's fan made Ben 10 reboot show which he kept privately to work on. Doing this, he predicted the appearances of some aliens, such as Big Chill, Alien X, Bloxx and a few others.
    • This Ben Tennyson does not have access to various aliens like Chromastone or AmpFibian since Benzarro85 did not expect them to appear in the reboot.
  • Since this Ben is an alternate timeline, his world has many more powerful villains, such as Albedo, Malware and Zs'Skayr.
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