Ben Tennyson (Prime Universe)


General Information
Species Human
Age 16
Occupation(s) Hero

Plumber Jon's mentor

Powers and Abilities
Abilities To transform into aliens
Equipment Omnitrix (Prime Universe) (formerly)

Ultimatrix (Prime Universe) (currently)

Relatives Gwen Tennyson (Cousin)

Kevin Levin (Best Friend)

Max Tennyson (Grampa)

Sandra Tennyson (Mother)

Ken Tennyson (Cousin)

Allies Rook Blonko (Partner)

Jon (Jon's dimension)

Enemies Forever Knights
Alias Ben 10


Dweeb (Gwen)

Alternate Counterparts Mad Ben


Evil Ben

Voice Actor N/A
Ben Tennyson Prime Universe

Ben Tennyson Prime Universe

Ben Tennyson is a Character which appears in Jon: Ultimate Adventures. He is from the Prime Timeline, which means he's the original Ben Tennyson. A few days after Weapon XI, Jon (Jon's Dimension) enters and is left in his Universe to train. He now works with Jon along with his partner Rook.


He looks exactly the same as in Ben 10: Omniverse.


He has the same personality as he does in the main franchise.

When Jon comes along, he gets a bit more cocky since he is helping Jon better understand the Ultimatrix between episodes, but he still has the caring features and heroic nature.

Powers and Abilities

He wears the Omnitrix and has over 60 aliens in his disposal.


Same as the main timeline.

Now with Jon in his dimension, he becomes more cocky but has built a good friendship with him.


Ben will appear in every episode in the first season apart from Galactic Court.


Everyone has the same relationship as they do in the main series.

Jon - When Jon first arrives in his Universe, he think Jon is being a pain. But as time goes on throughout the first episode, Ben starts to get a good friendship with him. In between episodes, Ben teaches Jon how to use the Ultimatrix better


  • He teaches Jon when he comes to Ben's Universe.
  • Ben and Jon become good friends and and can depend on each other.
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