Ben Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Age 17
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities OmniPrime Device
Relatives ???
Alias None
Alternate Counterparts ???
Voice Actor ???
First Appearance The Bound Pilot

Ben Tennyson is a human from the planet Earth in Ben 10: Omni-Bound who wields the OmniPrime , an upgraded version of the Omnitrix created by Azmuth. 


Ben Tennyson somewhat retains his Omniverse appearance, except that his shirt no longer has a green vertical line going down as well as a white-colored "10" printed. Instead, a large 10 is printed colored in green. Ben Tennyson now also wears a black scarf, as well as black handless gloves. Ben now also wears a black belt, with the newly designed Omnitrix/OmniPrime symbol on the middle, symbolizing that he wields the OmniPrime.


Ben Tennyson still retains his personality from Omniverse, being cocky and somewhat disappointed at things that happen which he does not normally like. He also sometimes takes things lightly, with a few exceptions, such as doing simple jobs. However, when things get tough, Ben no longer keeps up his 'taking things lightly" act and becomes serious.

Powers and Abilities

Naturally, Ben Tennyson does not have any superpowers but does wield the OmniPrime. This special device works similar to the Omnitrix, allowing Ben Tennyson to transform into different aliens to battle against enemies of his.


Being mortal, Ben Tennyson does not have much self-defense once the OmniPrime times out. He also usually relies on his OmniPrime, being his greatest weakness.


Ben Tennyson found the Omnitrix when he was just around 10, and since then, has been using his newly attained device to save people from harm and fight off villains, as well as have some fun.

Relationships ==



Love Interests


  • Azmuth: Ben sees Azmuth as somewhat a teacher, always telling Ben to use things wisely. Though Ben takes Azmuth lightly, Ben does have respect for Azmuth, being the on that created the device Ben is wearing and for Azmuth accepting Ben to be a true wielder of his devices.




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