Ben Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood, NYC
Age 11
Affiliations None
Occupations Alien Super-powered Superhero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting (via the Omnitrix)
Equipment The Omnitrix
Relatives Carl Tennyson (father)
Sandra Tennyson (mother)
Max Tennyson (grandfather)
Gwen Tennyson (cousin)
Aliases Ben 10
Kiddo (Max)
Doofus/Dweeb/Megadweeb (Gwen)
Voice Actor None
First Appearance Animo Park

Benjamin Lee “Ben Tennyson” was a regular 10 year old kid until a meteorite fell from the sky and landed right in front of him. When he discovered the device, he referred to as the Alien Watch. He decided to use his powers for good after accidentally setting a forest on fire, Now, a year later, he’s going on his second road trip. He is the main hero in B10: Just the Right Size.


Ben's usual clothes consist of a black and white-striped, green shirt with short sleeves, brown jeans, and black and white sneakers with white stripes. Ben wears the prototype Omnitrix on his left wrist.


Even before he got the Watch, Ben has been nothing but cocky, childish, and arrogant, Ben's immaturity and attention-seeking behavior often leads him to joke around, regardless of the situation. His friends and family often criticized his attitude, unaware of the fact that he used humor to mask his fears. Despite some childish attitude, he is still heroic, caring and generally good-natured, always willing to save others at any time.


1 Year Prior To The Current Events

Ben was originally a ten-year-old boy who grew up in Bellwood; he was unpopular to his classmates and often bullied in school by two boys named Cash and J.T. However, his life changed the day he went on summer vacation with his grandfather, Max and his cousin, Gwen. That evening, they stopped to camp in the woods. Ben witnessed the crash of a strange capsule from space, which happened to contain the Omnitrix a powerful watch-like device.

As soon as Ben found the device, it firmly affixed itself onto Ben's left wrist, and Ben was unable to remove it. At first scared, Ben soon discovered that using the Omnitrix, he was now able to transform into ten super-powered alien creatures, and began to use the device to become a superhero. Throughout the summer they went on their road trip around the U.S, with Ben occasionally fighting criminals.

When their road trip ended, Ben started to Use his powers through out the school year, even using it to fight his school bullies. Now starting his second road trip, Ben plans to be an even bigger hero.

Powers and Abilities

Ben is the wielder of the Omnitrix, which gives him the power to modify his own genetic code in order to turn into ten alien creatures.

When transforming into an alien, Ben gets all the creature's features, including its appearance, voice, all of its unique and special abilities and powers, strengths and weaknesses. Though he mostly retains his personality, there are some cases where the transformation causes a change in it, like with XLR8 and Ditto.


Whenever the Omnitrix times out, Ben is left powerless until he either dodges or switches to a new alien form. In addition to gaining the selected alien's powers and strengths, he gains its weaknesses. 

Ben has an allergy to peanuts and has a fear of peacocks.

Ben's left eye twitches whenever he tells a lie, but no one has noticed this other than his Grandfather Max.

Ben appears to have a short attention span at times, and more often than not it can get him into trouble.



Gwen Tennyson

Ben and Gwen are almost always bickering, arguing, name-calling (they called each other "Doofus" or "Dweebs"), making fun of each other, or fighting, and they have a love/hate relationship. However, deep down they really do care about each other as shown on various occasions.

Max Tennyson

Ben's relationship with Max seems to be that of a father and son, because the majority of the road trip took place in the summer and Max was the only guardian available.

Carl & Sandra Tennyson

Ben has stated that he loves and cares about his mom and dad, yet he still does have a similar relationship he has with his cousin towards them.



Love Interests





  • Episode 1: Animo Park
  • TBA




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