Ben is the ruler of the Earth, and the main villain in Inversed Roles Rebooted. His main goal is to stop the Shattered, a rebellion against him and his forces, and brutally kill or torture each and every one of them. He will not stop until he meets that goal. He is a unruly leader and has no mercy on anybody, killing many people even in public. 


Ben, having matured, has a different style now, closer to the style of Ben 10,000, but not yet the same. He has slightly long brown hair, a black shirt with a white stripe, wears the Unlimitrix on both wrists, and has black gloves. He wears a green belt with a Plumbers badge in the middle. He also wears knee pads that resemble Plumbers badges.

History and Personality

Ben was raised as the evil apprentice of Azmuth, given the Omnitrix at first, and now the Ultimatrix. He has never used it for good, and used it at the age of 20 to take over the world and kill anybody who got in his way. At the age of 23, he finally captured Albedo's parent while they were trying to stop him from doing evil. He sentenced them to death and beat Albedo's unnamed brother to death right in front of him. He has had the mouth of a sailor since the age of 16, and hates almost everybody.

Present Time

Ben is now working to stop the Shattered, and most importantly kill Albedo. He has recruited some of the strongest forces known, such as Rex Salazar, The Saturdays, V.V. Argost, and even Ice King.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ben can use the Ultimatrix to transform into any alien species he wants, having all of them unlocked by Azmuth.
  • Ben is notably more intelligent in this series and at this age, seeming to know a lot.
  • He can command the government and armies, due to being the ruler of the Earth.
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