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Ben Tennyson
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General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Tennyson HQ
Age 16 (series 1)
17 (series 2-7)
18 (series 7)
Affiliations Gwen Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Kevin Levin
Rook Blonko
Nathan Jones (Formerly)
Danny Smith
Empress Attea
Occupations Plumber
Intergalactic Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Skilled hand-to-hand combat
Skilled hoverboard pilot
The Omnitrixes
Equipment The Omnitrix versions 1 and 2 (Destroyed)
The Hypertrix versions 1 and 2 (Shelved)
The Omnitrix version 3
Plumber HQ Comlink
Relatives Gwen Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal

Ben Tennyson is the main hero and protagonist in Ben 10: Heroes Endeavour. He first appeared in Technical Malware. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


Ben Tennyson looks nearly identical to his Omniverse appearance, but his hair is longer, shaggier, and slightly darker.

He wears a black t-shirt with a white pattern on the upper torso similar to Ben 10K Diamondhead, the ends of his sleeves also have white strips.

He wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist and his Plumber HQ comlink on his right wrist.

He wears a green belt with a white strip going around the middle that ends near the centre of his body, similar to aliens such as Shocksquatch in Omniverse.

He wears baggy, olive green trousers with large pockets, and wears black shoes with white soles and a wide green strip in the middle that has a white, rectangular strip in the middle.


At the start of the series, Ben's personality initially remained the same as it did in Omniverse, being responsible, heroic, kind-hearted, and dependable, yet he could still act a little cocky at times, usually making wisecracks at the villains he fought.

After saying goodbye to Gwen, Kevin, and Rook, then meeting Nathan Jones, ben slowly began making less wisecracks and being less cocky in favor of demonstrating how much of a good leader he was, and after Nathan betrayed him, Ben became colder, more arrogant, and a little stuck-up.

After meeting Danny Smith and saving reality from the Timereaper, Ben dropped the attitude and became a nicer person to be around, even going as far at making wisecracks at his enemies again.


After the events of Omniverse, Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook went on an interstellar road trip, going from planet to planet, having fun and saving the day. Early on during the trip, the team were called to Galvan Prime where Azmuth updated Ben's Omnitrix to the Omnitrix Version 2, Ben used this Omnitrix for the next few series. After Ben defeated Ultimate Malware, saving the galaxy in the process, he decided to say goodbye to his team, who wanted to continue travelling the universe, and returned to life on Earth.

Ben started the next series off alone, saving the planet from an intergalactic gang of war criminals called Vilgax's Inner Circle, he also found out about a technopath named Nathan Jones, who had been using his powers to steal items such as food to help his family. Ben, after helping Nathan and his family, decides to welcome Nathan as his apprentice, and the two form a butt-kicking alliance. Ben also to form a romantic Relationship with Empress Attea of the Incursean Empire after teaching her to learn empathy and compassion. After this, Attea decides to set every planet enslaved by the Incurseans free, as well as teaching them to learn kindness. The series ends with Ben and Nathan defeating Vilgax Reborn.

After Nathan slowly becomes more distant from Ben during this series, it turns out that Nathan, out of jealousy, harvested the 6 essences of reality, and used them to construct a bionic suit of armor that could kill Ben and put Nathan in the limelight. Ben used TOA, his strongest transformation ever, to defeat him, and Nathan was placed in solitary confinement at Plumber HQ. Ben still frequently visits him.

6 months passed since then, and it was around the time Ben's attitude began a downward spiral, after Ben realized that everyone he cares for either leaves him or betrays him. During a visit to Nathan, who had been given cheap parts by Ben and the Plumbers as a way to satisfy his needs, constructed an incomplete device called the Hypertrix. The Hypertrix at its current state, and when synced with the Omnitrix, could transform the user into whatever the Omnitrix user is transformed into, except a robotically enhanced, or "Hypercharged" state. Nathan used these abilities to his advantage to escape Plumber HQ and return to Bellwood, where he'd kill all remaining people who ever loved Ben.

Nathan, in an attempt to use the Hypertrix sync to remote access the Omnitrix Master Control to try and lure Ben into a trap, accidentally turned on the Hypertrix core self-destruct. Due to the Hypertrix not having the proper failsafe, the Hypertrix explosion would detonate and destroy half of the universe. Ben took the Hypertrix core and said if he put it inside the Omnitrix, the failsafe would stop the mass destruction. So he turned into Grey Matter and switched the 2 cores. The Hypertrix only caused a small explosion. It was then revealed, that because Ben put the Omnitrix core inside the Hypertrix, he had accidentally completed the Hypertrix, meaning a user could now not only freely access any unlocked alien, but could Hypercharge it too. Before Nathan could get a hold of it, Ben used it to turn into Hypercharged Four Arms, and take Nathan back to Plumber HQ. Ben spent the rest of the fourth series defeating villains with the Hypertrix.

After the self-destruct signal was broadcast, lots of Ben's old enemies tracked him down and formed the Homecoming Squad, the team consisted of Vilgax, Aggregor, Malware, Exo-Skull, Exile 55, and many of Bens other powerful enemies. Over the course of the series, Aggregor would absorb and kill each member of the Homecoming Squad, and become Hypercharged Aggregor, who wanted to absorb every DNA sample in the Hypertrix. Ben turned into Hypercharged Way Big in order to stop him, nearly resorting to using TOA again. Ben soon was able to defeat Aggregor, but not before he was able to absorb part of the Hypertrix, damaging it.

Ben's Hypertrix was now severely limited in functionality, due to more frequent mistransforming and a shorter time limit being in place. It was around this time where Ben met Danny Smith, a kid who had seemingly never heard of Ben. Ben kept a watch of him as he now had serious trust issues, but after Danny saved Ben from Exile 55, Ben realized that Danny genuinely cares for people, and takes Danny in as his new apprentice. Danny was given an Omnitrix replica that had the appearance of the Omniverse Omnitrix. Together, they became a team that was tough to match, Ben becoming even stronger when Attea rejoined Ben and Danny, Danny becoming more of a third wheel in their relationship. At the end of the series, Paradox took Ben to a multi-reality Battlefield, he explained that an Entity known as the Timereaper had broken in from another plane of existence, and threatened all of reality itself as he corrupts timelines, turning good ones into bad ones, and corrupting events in them beyond repair. Paradox had summoned an army of Omnitrix wielders to kill the Timereaper there and now, using a special unlock mechanism in the Hypertrix to insert Azmuth's Hypertrix Key. The key not only fixed the Hypertrix errors Aggregor had caused, and even removed the limiter, this was the Hypertrix Version 2. Ben used its abilities to his fullest to take down the Timereaper and sending him into the void. After the battle, Azmuth showed up and removed Ben's Hypertrix, replacing it with the Omnitrix Version 3.

The final series in Ben 10: Heroes Endeavour was the team of Ben, Danny, and Attea, travelling the world and going to places with reports of extraterrestrials. It was here that Ben discovered the Bluestripe Ninjas, a Japanese group of mercenaries secretly lead by Nathan that would steal the Hypertrix Version 2 and use it to give Nathan supreme power. The ninjas retrieved the Hypertrix Version 2 and broke Nathan out of jail. Nathan battled Ben's team and after the battle ended, Azmuth decided to keep a personal watch over the Hypertrix Version 2, and once Ben tuned 18, Azmuth unlocked the Master Control on the Omnitrix Version 3. Now nothing could stop Ben, Danny, and Attea!

Powers and Abilities

Ben in Heroes Endeavour had access to The Official Omnitrix, the Omnitrix Version 2, The Hypertrix, the Hypertrix Version 2, and the Omnitrix Version 3, which allows him to transform into many different alien lifeforms, and with the Hypertrixes, could even Hypercharge them.

He also was skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and learned from a mix of self defense classes as well as a few moves Attea taught him. Ben was also skilled at riding his hoverboard.


Ben could easily be distracted by the things he likes, such as Sumo Slammers and Smoothies, but learned to overcome this during his time using the Hypertrix.

He could also become saddened and less efficient in combat if he was reminded of those who left or betrayed him.

Ben could also be left vulnerable when his Omnitrix or Hypertrix timed



Gwen Tennyson is Ben's cousin and has been fighting by his side ever since they were both 10, she is an Anodite and extremely skilled at magic, Ben is very close with Gwen even though they hated each other at first.

Max Tennyson is Ben's grandfather and is regarded as the best Plumber of all time by most. He's more of a father figure to Ben than even his actual father, and Ben will even seek advice from him.


Kevin Levin is an Osmosian, a genetic mutation in a Human that allows them to absorb energy and different materials, and although he was an enemy of Ben's at first, Ben was able to form one of his closest connections yet to him by the time he was 15.

Rook Blonko was assigned as Ben's Plumber partner after Ben first met him, and although he wasn't ecstatic at the thought of a partner, Rook became very close to Ben over the course of Omniverse and even closer during series 1 of Heroes Endeavour.

Danny Smith wields the first ever Omnitrix replica, and is Ben's apprentice in butt-kicking hero action. Danny sees Ben as a reliable father figure, in almost the same way as Ben sees Max.

Love Interests

Ben has had only 1 romantic relationship in Heroes Endeavour, and that is with Empress Attea of the Incursean Empire. Orignally a villain at first, Ben taught her kindness and compassion while she was stranded on Earth, and the two slowly got closer until they were together.

Kai Green is Ben's future wife, meaning Ben likely broke up with Attea somewhere along the line, and ended up having a child with Kai.


Exile 55 was a Oganion Battle Soldier who had been exiled to the planet Desolation 12. He tried to kill Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook who had also landed there. He became a recurring enemy for Ben until Hypercharged Sunstriker was able to take him down.

Malware was resurrected after the Omniverse episode Malgax Attacks, and infiltrated the Rust Bucket 4 in an attempt to kill Ben before he knew what his true intentions were. Ben defeated Malware but he lived, and went to Galvan Prime and acquired the Ultimatrix, which he absorbed the energy of to become Ultimate Malware. Ben was able to kill him before he destroyed the galaxy.

Vilgax's Inner Circle were a group of galactic war criminals that were affiliated with Vilgax before he died. The group had members such as SixSix, SevenSeven, Psyphon, and some of Vilgax's robotic minions. They were all eventually taken into custody by the Plumbers.

Vilgax was brought back to life by his inner circle after he was obliterated during the Omniverse episode Malgax Attacks, Ben was able to defeat him once more before he escaped and joined the Homecoming squad.

Nathan Jones is Jimmy Jones's older cousin and a technopath. Ben took him in as his first apprentice after he saw how Nathan used his abilities to help his poor family. But Nathan betrayed him on several occasions, becoming one of Ben's strongest villains after building the Doomsday Armor and the Hypertrix.

The Homecoming squad were a group of Ben's most powerful enemies who had joined together to kill Ben after tracking him down with the Hypertrix self-destruct signal. They were all eventually absorbed by Aggregor who used his powers to try and kill Ben and absorb the Hypertrix.

The Timereaper was an entity from another plane of existence who corrupts and destroys timelines, Paradox assembled a group of Omnitrix wielders to defeat him, and after successfully doing so, he was left to rot in the void.

The Bluestripe Ninjas were a Japanese organization of mercenaries payed by Nathan to steal the Hypertrix Version 2 and bust him out of Plumber HQ. Ben managed to beat them during the final battle and they were all sent to the null void.


Almost every episode of Ben 10: Heroes Endeavour


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