Ben Tennyson in Earth-XR5

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How he got the Omnitrix.

As a child, Ben was bullied and had nobody except his cousin Gwen. When summer came, he was excited to go on a road trip with his grandpa Max, but he wasn't expecting Gwen. When they arrived at the campsite, he went to go look for sticks. He went on a hike then saw a "shooting star", then something stranger happened. He saw something that looked like a ball hit it and it was aiming for him. He panicked as the star came. When it hit the ground, he went to see then he fell. The Omnitrix attached to his hand.

After the road trip

after the road trip Ben had to go to school. The bullys would tease him because of the Omnitrix. One day he almost turn into heatblast but Gwen stoped him. Gwen then started talking about how he should be more careful when using the omnitrix then out of the blue an alien ship came Ben knew what he had to do so he went into four arms and smashed the alien ship. No one but Gwen knew what happened

11 year birthday

ben's birthday was coming up Gwen didnt know what to buy him Intell she saw a action figure later that day Gwen came by Ben's house wishing him a happy birthday it was going great untill a alien came and said “where is the omnitrix” she then see the Omnitrix attached to bens hand and said so you are the one come now Ben quickly said no then they had a battle

the future

after the events of his 11th birthday he and Gwen saw a portal then a mysterious man came out and grabbed them. When they woke up they saw a futuristic world Ben then asked where are they and the mysterious man said “welcome to the future” Ben then screamed when he was the man the mysterious guy then said “am Ben 10,000” Ben then said “does that mean” Ben 10,000 then said “yep am you” Ben almost fainted he then asked why they were there Ben 10,000 then said “I can only say one word gax” as soon as that word was said they got teleported to the past again

Smaller/Bigger Versions

Kid Ben Tennyson age.10-12

ultimate ben age.14





ultimatrix (formily)

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