Ben Tennyson
Ben, about to transform BTDW
General Information
Species Human
Age 20
Ben Tennyson is the version of Ben Tennyson that appears in the series Ben 10: Dimensional Warriors


Ben Looks exactly the same as he did in Omniverse, but he now wears a black and grey shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. The Omnitrix MIII rests on his left wrist.


It's been a couple years since Rook went back to Revonnah at the end of Omniverse, and Ben is now twenty. For his Twentieth birthday, Azmuth gave Ben the Omnitrix MIII. He has changed to his Omniverse shirt, but with a few changes. He does not have the master control unlocked. Azmuth gave him the code to do so, but Ben doesn't like it.


The only power he has is the Omnitrix.


As a main hero of the series, he appears in most episodes. This will show the episodes that he fails to appear in.


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