Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, also known as General Tennyson, was the former hero of Bellwood, until being captured by Vilgax at age 14.


His basic biography follows up with the mainstream timeline. However, at age 12, Ben accidentally revealed his identity as a superhero to the world by transforming in front of a crowd in order to save the president. For the next 2 years after that, Ben would serve as a member of national security, and intergalactic protector. At age 14, Vilgax, planning an attack on Earth, decided to influence Ben into joining him. After a long battle, which lasted several hours, destroying many buildings in that time, Vilgax tricked Ben into following him to Vilgaxia.

Ben chased after Vilgax, but fell for the trap, and had his emotions erased and replaced by a mind control device. Ben would be under the control of Vilgax for 9 years, leading his army to victory in multiple attacks on neighboring planets and systems. After these 9 years, Ben was able to break free from Vilgax's control. Sadly, when he returned to Earth, he found that much of it was destroyed. Ben is currently in a partnership with AlbedoTech Industries.

Powers and Abilities

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Ben 10: Negative Rising

Season One

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