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Benjamin Kurt Tennyson, or, The Ruthless Youngster, is the Dimension 666 counterpart of Ben Tennyson.


He looks 15 year-old Ben from the various flashbacks of him inOmniverse, but his hair is more like Albedo's, in terms of style, and is reddish/brown. He wears a yellow jacket, greyish-blue pants, and has yellow eyes. He wields the Protomatrix on his wrist, which is also yellow.


Ben's life was very similar to that of his main counterpart. However, this Ben had a twin sister, Brooke. His life was pretty normal, until the day he, his cousin, and his grandfather went on a summer road trip. Ben discovered an Omnitrix, like his main counterpart did, but when he was trying to defeat one of Vilgax's Drones, he was caught off-guard, and was knocked into an information center, as the Drone turned around, and killed Ben's grandfather, Max. Feeling responsible for his grandfather's death, Ben developed a completely new personality, one that would overcome his usual happy, cocky personality.

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Ben 10: Negative Rising

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  • He is from Dimension 666, due to the evil characteristics often associated with the number 666.
  • Due to the death of his grandfather, he has a very...enraged personality, blaming himself for Max's demise to the point that he has become a ruthless vigilante, straying away from the path of a hero.
  • His sister and cousin will be seen later on in BTNR.
  • His enemies were...a bit tougher to defeat than his mainstream counterpart's enemies, putting aside techniques and personalities.
  • He, like Albedo, will have a special dedicated to him.
    • Said special will be called The End of A Hero.
  • Credit to Rob for allowing me to use his full-body pose of Ben.
    • Ironically, many of the colors Rob used were from Ben 666's original image.
  • He hates smoothies, similar to how mainstream Ben disliked smoothies at age 11.

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