Benjamin Tennyson
General Information
Species Human (formerly)
Various (currently)
Age 21
Affiliations Maltruence
Occupation(s) Mass Murderer
Powers and abilities
Abilities Various superhuman abilities
Equipment Containment Suit
Relatives All deceased
Alternate Counterparts Eon
Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23)
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 12)
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 99)
Bain Ten'eeson (Antimatter Universe
First Appearance Unknown

Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson is the alternate version of Ben Tennyson from Dimension 928 in Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited.


Ben Tennyson was once a normal 10-year-old kid. He had a quite annoying cousin and a great grandpa. Until one summer day, when the trio where on a summer trip, he was abducted by members of a mysterious alien race, who were known as the most cruel beings in the universe. Their purpose was to create the ultimate weapon. So, they experimented upon young Tennyson, mutating his DNA and torturting him in various ways for more than 10 years. After being brainwashed multiple times ineffectively, he was driven completely insane and rebeled against his opressors, killing them all. With no other purpose than destroying everything on his path, he started a murderous rampage across the galaxy. He first destroyed Earth, the planet he once considered home, by flying through its core. On his way to Galvan Prime, all Galvan scientists gathered to stop the incoming threat. One of them, named Azmuth, suggested they build a 'death ray'. His idea was rejected for being too violent and they instead made a DNA disruptor device. With it, they stripped Tennyson from using some of his abilities, but he was still way too powerful. So, they built a prison some kilometers below the planet's surface and contained him there.


He looks older than mainstream Ben, with small scars across his face and wears a black bodysuit, that glows green.

Powers and Abilities

He is extremely powerful, having been fused with numerous alien DNA samples, but far from omnipotent.


Being mentally unstable, he can't distinguish right from wrong and has an uncontrolable desire to kill, making him highly uncooperative. Although theorically, he has innumerable powers and abilities, he uses only a few of them.




  • He is one of the Bens set to appear during the Season 2 finale.
  • The number of his dimension '928' is a reference to Earth-928, where Marvel 2099 takes place.
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