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Ben Tennyson
Ben (Earth-126).png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Keysville
Age 11
Affiliations Space Explorers Club
Occupations Alien Existent Enthusiasts
Space Nerd
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Cellphone
Relatives Sandra Tennyson
Carl Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Natalie Tennyson
Frank Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Sunny Tennyson
Voice Actor Any Volunteers?

Ben Tennyson is a character in A Hero of 10; Rebooted. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


He has brown hair and green eyes.

He wears a green and white shirt with an alien symbol on it usually being covered by his backpack, his backpack has lots of buttons on it, usually with aliens or some quippy quote on them.

He has cargo pants and black shoes with white socks.

He has Braces and usually covered in bandaids.


He is energetic and wild, will do any to get the scoop on some aliens, even if it means to do it in a not so legal manner.

Powers and Abilities

His love for chasing aliens has given him a bit of an intellect boost some might say, others think he is the alien he oh so loves.

He always carries his phone, tablet, and laptop with him, for he never knows when an alien sighting will need to be catalog and investigated.


Not really athletically inclined, and has an allergy to peanuts.

He is petrified of clowns and doesn't really like peacocks that much either.




  • Sandra Tennyson, his mother that loves him very much.
  • Carl Tennyson, his father that loves him very much.
  • Max Tennyson, his grandfather that loves and spends many summer vacations with.
  • Natalie Tennyson, his aunt and mother of his cousins Gwen and Ken.
  • Frank Tennyson, his Uncle and father of his cousins Gwen and Ken.
  • Gwen Tennyson, his cousin who has a thing for magic that is equal to his love of aliens and space.
  • Ken Tennyson, his older cousin who is in college and is always looking out for him.
  • Sunny Tennyson, his cousin that a bit of a bad seed.


  • Azlin Jones, his friend who loves the stars just as much as he does but unknowingly her biggest fan.
  • Theodore Leclair, His friend who loves space and magic but seems to be well versed in the mystic arts.
  • Rook Blonco, A penpal he doesn't know is actually an alien.

Love Interests


  • Kevin E. Levin, big-time bully that has it out to make his life absolute hell.
  • James "JD" Dalton, the biggest jerk in all of town and Kevin's partner in crimes against him and his friends.


  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.


  • He is sci-fi nerd who is a huge fan of all the alien activity going on.
  • Unlike most other versions of himself he is actually good at math.