Ben Tennyson
Ben UAF.png
General Information
Species Human
Age 16
Occupation(s) Leader of The Master Assassins
Powers and abilities
Abilities Wielder of the Omnitrix
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Gwen Tennyson (Cousin)
Max Tennyson (Grandpa)
Alias Ben 10
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance Enter Assassins

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson is a character that appears in the Crisis franchise, which takes place on Earth-101. He is the protagonist of the first series, Ben 10 & The Master Assassins.


Ben looks the same as he does in Alien Force/ Ultimate Alien because his appearance never changed during the events of Omniverse. Ben wears his green jacket, which has a stripe with the number 10 on it. He wears a plain black shirt and jeans. Ben also wears snickers. He continues to wear the Omnitrix on his left arm.


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Ben obtained the Omnitrix at age 10 when he was on a summer trip with his grandfather and cousin. He then used it to fight villains and such. When Ben was 15, after taking the Omnitrix off for a while, Ben puts it back on to find Max, which he does. He then uses it to end the Highbreed invasion. Ben defeated the likes of Aggregor, Diagon, and Malware when he was 16.

Ben 10 & The Master Assassins

In Enter Assassins, Ben learns that some Plumbers died. He goes to investigate who killed them, but The Master Assassins tricked him and killed Magister Patelliday.

In The Dudesman Theory, Ben is still mad about Patelliday. He finds out that Rad Dudesman is the next target for the assassins, so he goes on a hunt to find him. He finds him, however, he dies. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Rad is still alive.

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