Ben Tennyson from the 53rd dimension looks exactly like Ben Prime from Alien force and Ultimate Alien but

instead of a green jacket he wears a yelllow one, and he has black hair and black eyes.


Ben was like Ben prime always happy, cocky and arrogant and always making jokes, but this all change was his grandfather was killed by Eon, from that day on he became serious  and never joked around. Every since the day his grandfather got murdered, he went around every dimension searching for Eon to exact his revenge. He had a strict rule about "never killing the bad guy", but ever since the day his grandfather was murdered, he killed the bad guys so that there would be no evil.


Before his grandfather's death, he was happy, cocky and making jokes but after Max was murdered, he became serious, he no longer fooled around. He is an Anti Hero though he is not evil, nor is he good, he does what what he thinks is right. He will not hesitate to kill the bad guy.


He is a skilled fighter, he has mastered judo and jeet kundo, so he does not solely rely on his Omninemetrix. He has super intelligence, he has large amount of knowledge about his Omninemetrix as he was able to fuse the Nemetrix and the Omnitrix together.


He is the wielder of the Omnitrix and Nemetrix which allows him to rewrite his genetic code for a short period of time.


  • He blames himself on the death of his grandfather.
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