Ben Tennyson is the Dimension 46 counterpart of Ben Tennyson.


He was born in Bellwood, like mainstream Ben, to his parents Sandra and Carl Tennyson. When he was growing up, he met a young Rex Salazar, and the two quickly became friends. However, when the Nanite Event happened (this was when they were both 11), Rex lost both of his parents, the same with Ben. Rex discovered later that he could control Nanites, Ben, had a..somewhat similar ability.

The watch that he had on during the event, the Mega Watch 3,000 (A Cyborg Slammers collectible), merged with his DNA, along with the Nanites, creating what he now calls the Ultramization Device, which he can use to become strange creatures (Nanite/Alien hybrids).

Powers and Abilities

Ben is an expert at martial arts, and is capable of defending himself if needed. He also wields the Ultramization Device, and can become over 1,000 creatures, although, only 12 are known so far.


Ben, like any other alternate Ben Tennyson, is very similar to his mainstream counterpart. However, his eyes are pink in color, and he has on a pink jacket and tan pants.


The Nanite Event: Reborn


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